• AP Chemistry prepares you for the thermodynamics of life.

  • Generally two groups of students enroll in AP physics. The first group are students interested in studying engineering or majoring in a science at the college level. The second group includes students interested in completing their college core requirement but will probably not major in a science related field in college

  • In Physical Science, the instructor will facilitate and provide the student with foundational information regarding the principles of Chemistry and Physics. Students will learn that chemistry has contributed to our knowledge of the world and has enabled chemists to make tremendous changes in the way we live. This course will also involve the studying of chemistry as it relates to the properties of chemicals and the reactions these chemicals undergo. The usage of the scientific method will be emphasized through scientific experimentation and special projects. In the study of Physics students will learn and apply the laws of force and motion in understanding how objects move and the developments of the simple machine. In addition we will explore the different forms of energy: Chemical; Heat; Mechanical; Nuclear; Radiant; Electrical.

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  • This Biology course is designed for the student who has had little or no background in biology.  It is a one year course that is taught in separate, yet related teaching units.  No one area is stressed more than any other area.  Biology includes the study of science as an investigation, cells structures and processes, the survey of living things, investigating both their similarities and differences, change of living things through time, transmission of traits from generation to generation, living things in relation to their environment.  Microorganisms, plants, animals and body systems will also be studied.  Laboratory activities will frequently be used to illustrate concepts to be learned.

  • Write a concise and interesting paragraph here that explains what this course is about

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