• The Adaptive Art Class is a fun exploration into the world of the visual arts.

  • Pushing the art envelope with pencil, paint and sculputure media.

  • Come Draw, Paint and Sculpt

  • The learning experience will have three phases. Beginning Phase: In support of the 8th Grade Social Studies curriculum, students define culture, identify important cultures. With the Media Specialist, students learn the legal and ethical application of research, research a selected culture and develop a chart with research data analysis data and draw conclusions. With the art teachers, students examine two Renaissance and one contemporary triptych for symbols, metaphors, techniques and processes that would identify the creator’s culture (display camera, projector, computer lab –Internet). Middle Phase-Students explore various media (photography, Adobe Photoshop, paint, colored pencils, printmaking materials, and mask making materials), symbols and structures to develop personal metaphors and metaphors for their selected culture. Students will analyze their work using formative assessment tools. Final Phase-Students synthesis the individual components of text from research with the visual metaphors into a unified art work in triptych form, use formative and summative assessments.

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